Friday, 9 March 2012

Girls, We Run This Mother

As all of you know by now, yesterday was International Women’s Day.  I still don’t understand why we need a special day to single out our achievements when we’re pretty much awesome all the time, but I’ve never been one to turn down extra attention.  In honour of the day, I’d like to post a tribute to the female women who have inspired me to be the strong, talented, and amazing person I am.  And let’s hope that in the near future the idea of female achievement won’t be remarkable or exceptional, but as boring and commonplace as douchebaggy bus drivers and hangovers on Sunday mornings.

Pistol’s Top Ten Awesome Girls Who Run The World
My dear friend and life twin.  Because she wrote the song about it.  
(This also counts towards my weekly music video posting.)

As a child, I wrote her several letters asking if she would be my mom.  I found them years later hidden in a box in my real mom’s closet. I still wonder to this day what could have been if they’d been sent.

She makes me laugh and is smart and crap.
PS How cool does she look in this black and white photo?

Because you don’t have to be big or tall or over the age of 9 to show the world that women rock it. And also because she proves that it’s important to keep your gal pals by your side on your ride to the top.

The first Jewish Congresswoman and a fierce leader in the hat-as-fashion-statement movement. 
What’s not to like?

For coming out of the closet and showing the world that female women lesbians like her are not the perfect princesses we think they are and are just as flawed as the rest of us.

A working single mom who started out selling Tupperware to middle class housewives and now travels the world telling her inspirational story and making bank selling “the best plastic crap on the planet.” Australian fans can catch her at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year, and I will post news soon about her London run!

Because she came in and said “Women in politics don’t have to wear pastel pants-suits! Let’s wear dresses and still kick ass!” She also does some issue/policy stuff to stop kids from getting fat/bullied.  (Check her out in the blue shiny Pistol colours!)

I just feel like we could be friends.

And finally...
10. My dad, Bruce Rubenstein
For raising me to be an awesome woman.  I love you, daddy.  Wherever you are.

Pistol xoxo

P.S.  I’m sorry this list is made up mainly of entertainers/people on TV. I don’t really care for newspapers, but I am aware that there are women out there who’ve done much more important things.  I just don’t know who they are.  But blame the internet and television for not telling me/representing them.

P.P.S.  Noticeably absent from my list? Angelina Jolie’s right leg. Even though I am and will always be Team Jen, it’s important to point out that it wasn't a leg that became a UN ambassador, wrote and directed a foreign language film about the Bosnian war, created several charitable organizations, helped raise the profile of causes for poor and oppressed people in third world nations, and adopted the entire cast of Lost.  So stop talking about her damn leg.  It’s an insult to these women when people focus on their physical appearances and the frivolous aspects of their lives rather than the content of their achievements.  That’s why I am content free and only worry about looking sparkly and singing fun pop songs – so there’s no confusion as to what kind of message I’m putting across.
I made this photo small to show you how unimportant it is.

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